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Only minutes remain until April Fools Day is over and I’be nothing to trick you with. So, I present to you some Swamp Thing loving, crafted by Rad Lad Press. The enamel pin is really well done and a fun addition to the collection.
 photo E35A814E-4CF2-4E8C-95BB-6D8FB9959065.jpg

Swedish Swamp Thing Soap

March 16, 2017 § 1 Comment

It’s time to get green n’ clean!
Fellow Swampy fan, Peter sent me this awesome soap he hand made!
They smell like a pine forest and are beautifully crafted.
Peter hails from Sweden and offered to help translate my Swedish Swampy editions. I’m excited to take him up on the offer in the future. Thanks again Peter!

Swamp Thing Long Sleeve Shirt

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Swamp Thing Long Sleeve Shirt (1990)

Last month I was able to track down another shirt from the animated series era of Swamp Thing merchandise. A few different Swampy illustrations donned the front of various shirt styles in the early 90s. All were children sized shirts but even a sweatsuit was produced bearing the same illustration as below.
 photo BABAE24B-7766-4960-8E20-EE2D0B14B342.jpg
Here are a couple links and more information regarding different shirts with the same illustration.
T-shirt    – Sweatsuit

Swampy bursts through the swamp grass and bulrushes on this blue shirt!
 photo DC4C4E28-573D-4708-ABAD-5B0ED7C338D0.jpg

Return of the Swamp Thing Japanese VHS

January 10, 2017 § 1 Comment

Return of the Swamp Thing Japanese VHS (1989)

Mail call! Ive been waiting for this package to arrive from Japan for about a week now and was extremely excited to tear into it. I’ve tracked down numerous foreign, Swampy films but until now, not a single Japanese version. It being a VHS cassette makes it even more exciting! I’ve included additional photos of the packaging below.
 photo IMG_4442.jpg
 photo IMG_4443.jpg
 photo IMG_4444.jpg
 photo IMG_4445.jpg

The Secret Sex Life of Plant Monsters

December 3, 2016 § 1 Comment

During the spring of 1992 Nancy A Collins and Stephen Bissette met at a bar in New York City to discuss the sexuality of Swamp Thing. The two friends were attending the Horror Writers Association Conference and made time to collaborate on a new Swamp Thing story. The brainstorming session inspired sketches, notes and ideas; the kind of connective tissue that I spend hours researching. Last month I was able to obtain a sketch from their meeting. Below is Nancy’s account.


“This sketch is a rarity as it was part of a brainstorming session Bissette and I had while attending the Horror Writers Association Conference in NYC in 1992. I had just moved to the city the weekend before, and we were hanging out in the bar (I want to say at the Warwick Hotel, but I might be wrong). I was still writing Swamp Thing, and I was kicking around a story idea that would now be deemed “fan service”. It was tentatively called “The Secret Sex Life of Plant Monsters”, where I posited Swampy definitely had genitalia, but only when he needed/wanted it. It never lead to anything, although many of the points I wanted to make about elemental sexuality ended up in the “Cross-Pollination” issue with Lady Jane.”

Genitalia by Stephen Bissette. 
As you can see, Bissette uses tubers in place of testes. It’s all here, you got it.

The book Nancy refers to is Swamp Thing 136 “Cross-Pollination”(1993). The cover of 136 by Charles Vess depicts Swamp Thing and Lady Jane in a romantic embrace. They’re having sex.
 photo 2DBA92E6-5061-4EB2-A88E-427EF93D6390.jpg

I greatly appreciate Nancy’s contributions to the character. She wrote some of my favorite Swampy stories. She’ll be featured in the Swamp Thing zine I’m wrapping up; due out Feb 2017. She is a joy to be in contact with and I look forward to interviewing again to follow up on her amazing taste and history in music. She’s got some great stories. Below is a letter she sent along with the sketch by Bissette
 photo 17CFCCF7-3E45-48B0-A1C4-CE9C889FC4AF.jpg

Some of my favorite collectibles are articles and interviews relating to the creative process throughout the title’s chronology. I strive to find as many mentions/references to Swamp Thing as possible to help paint a clear picture of what was going on while these stories were being crafted. This sketch and other items from Stephen and Nancy’s meeting adds to the folklore and history of Swamp Thing.
 photo 28B532DE-2147-4391-BE93-3618A138E685.jpg

It sure is one heck of a noodle doodle
 photo 364DE966-CD4A-4C66-9B22-D97CAAE29211.jpg

Mike’s Comic Hut Bags

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Mike’s Comic Hut Bags (1987)

Ilke over at George Perez’s website sent along some images and info pertaining to a Swampy sighting within some comic shop promo materials. While living in New York City, George Perez’s local comic shop was Mike’s Comic Hut. For a little while Perez drew promo art for the Flushing, Queens based store. He created a series of illustrations that were printed on Mike’s shopping bags. The one below, from 1987 depicts Swamp Thing.
 photo IMG_3656.gif
circa 1987

It’s certainly a small sighting but neat non the less. Gumby appears to be on top of Swamp Thing.
 photo IMG_3677.jpg
Through very smart, complicated advancements in space-age technology, I was able to blow-up the image of Swamp Thing, refine the quality, reconfigure the pixel ratio and VOILA! A crystal clear image of Swamp Thing.
 photo IMG_3683.jpg
Just kidding, and shame on you for believing such technology could ever possibly exist.

 photo IMG_3676.jpg
I’d love to find an actual bag (above). Having a piece of Mike’s legacy and a George Perez collectible would be pretty cool. Below are some of the other illustrations that made it on the shop’s bags. The detail is impressive. I hope George was compensated with free comics for his effort.

 photo IMG_3657.jpg
circa 1983

 photo IMG_3654.gif
circa 1980

Detail from the 1987 bag. It appears that the Hut changed names at one point.
 photo IMG_3673.jpg
Mike’s shop closed it’s doors in 1993.
He passed away the following year.

Thomas & Friends – Swamp Thing Gator Car

November 12, 2016 § 1 Comment

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Minis – DC Super Friends

All aboard!
In 2017, Thomas & Friends are inviting a new pal to the DC Super Friends rail yard! The Swamp Thing Gator car along with a number of other DC heroes and villains will be included in the children’s toy line. Swamp Thing looks pretty cute as a train and I can’t wait for him to arrive in stores next year.
 photo 72ADA596-4896-49FC-9EDE-813317FECE44.jpg

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