Kenner Spring ’92 Toy Fair Catalog

Kenner Spring ’92 Toy Fair Catalog

 photo image_9.jpeg

I’m extremely happy to have received this book in the mail yesterday. I’ve been trying to track down these four unreleased Swamp Thing figures for some time now and it feels like I’m one step closer to them. Kenner’s Spring catalog features a full page spread of the 1992, second wave Swamp Thing action figures. The short lived cartoon didn’t help in getting these figures in stores and the line was eventually canceled. I’ve seen an Alligator Swamp Thing figure floating around the internet but have yet to see any of the other 3 unreleased figures. I’ve contacted Kenner, been in contact with designers that worked for Kenner in the 90s (around the time these were produced) but have yet to track down one of the figures.
 photo image_2.jpeg
Nine Swampy figures are featured in book. Five out of the nine figures made it to stores. Below are the four, illusive, unreleased figures.

Constricting Swamp Thing
He has sticks for weapons, his feet look like coiled poop and the Bio-Glow Swamp Thing figure body was reused for this brown beauty
 photo image_3.jpeg
 photo image_13.jpeg

Intended to be one of Arcane’s Un-Men, the character never appeared in the cartoon and never made it to stores. The body was later used in the RoboCop Ultra Police toy line with the same name. The weapon was reused and paired with Claw Callahan, another figure in the RoboCop Ultra Police line
 photo image_1.jpeg
 photo image_12.jpeg

Alligator Swamp Thing
this is the only figure of the four that I’ve seen, outside of toy catalogs.  The gun-like wooden accessory seems like an afterthought.
 photo image_6.jpeg
 photo image_14.jpeg

The design was eventually repurposed for the limited GI Joe toy line, Manimals; pictured below on the left. The Swamp Thing figure, in alligator from, can be seen on the right.
 photo image_11.jpeg

Defoliator Arcane
Like the other unreleased ST villains, the body and weapons were reused for the RoboCop Ultra Police toy line. This particular figure was reused as the Toxic Waster Vandals RoboCop figure.
 photo image_7.jpeg
 photo image_15.jpeg

 photo image_4.jpeg

The catalog also came with a packet from Kenner regarding their Starting Lineup figures. The packet includes a form cover letter, ordering forms and lists of figure lines.
 photo image_8.jpeg
 photo image_10.jpeg


4 thoughts on “Kenner Spring ’92 Toy Fair Catalog

  1. good luck finding these, bro. I have a feeling they are going to be growing on your ebay need list for quite a while. lol
    I’m just wondering about that poster with Swampy on it. does it come included with the bagged Superman #75 ?

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