Alfredo Alcala Style Guide

Alfredo Alcala Style Guide (1989)

My recent post featuring, what I believe is, artwork by Alfredo Alcala inspired me to turn the mention of his style guide into a full post. It’s certainly worth it.

There’s a nine page, Alfredo Alcala merchandise style guide floating around out there that features Swampy illustrations meant to be used on various products/packaging. Some of the work was never used nor published and I’d love to get my hands on a copy.

Like the cartoon, toys and other merchandise, the style guide depicts Swamp Thing assisting animals and protecting the environment. I’ve been able to round up a number of pages from the guide but as you can see below, many of them are low resolution images.
Above, Swamp Thing takes the form of kelp to save a dolphin.

Below, he sheds a tear for the swamp being polluted by the oil refinery.

APB: If anyone out there knows the whereabouts of the 9 page Alfredo Alcala style guide, I’d sure like to cast my eyes upon it. -high resolution images preferred.

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