Swamp Thing – miniature metal model

The wonderful folks at Knight Models included Swampy in their line of miniature model, gaming pieces! Their other models are quite impressive as well. Below, are the results I should expect upon completion of the miniature muck encrusted mockery of a model.  photo ea72effa-4408-4129-a2b0-8cb206e11cd2.jpg

And here is what I will be starting with…  photo 46265AEB-3894-4D0A-B7C5-418B213F5B6B.jpg
As you can see, Swampy is in pieces and beside himself. The finished model is 35mm tall and is made of a “white metal alloy” I’m not quite sure when I will start my model but when I do, I’ll be sure to post my progress. I Think I may need an airbrush for this one.

 photo B968CF3A-D913-469C-8F7F-1B376F53FDA3.jpg

It was a little difficult to snap a picture of Swampy because the metal is so shiny.  photo D910B22D-4328-4E20-B315-65E7E7AC25E4.jpg

The kit comes with a book for the game piece.  photo 78A9FD61-5FE0-4E20-B053-C355E3DA0D10.jpg  photo F4DD74B1-0737-41E3-A9E6-FA21E8068DA0.jpg  photo DAC95C42-B786-4C33-946D-E5C40CFC035D.jpg


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